Landscaping Wall and Mulch Bed

In this landscaping project our landscaping team first installed the landscaping wall to level out the mulch bed. Next, they planted bushes to liven up the front of the house and layered in fine black mulch to enhance the yards esthetic and ensure proper moisture retention for the shrubbery. 

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Garden Wall and Shrubbery

This subtle garden wall using natural stone wall blocks is the perfect addition to complement the facade of this house. As the eye gazes up the front yard it catches the white landscaping stone that blends nicely with the partial natural stone and white pillars holding entry into their home.


Garden Wall with Natural Stone

This small transformation makes a big difference in how your yard looks. Try adding a stacked layer of natural stone to wall off your mulching bed to support the shrubbery around it. 


Mulching and Wallstone Pavers 

For this house, our landscaping team spread out mulch and installed landscaping wall pavers around the corner mulch bed of the house leading into the backyard. This formal touch using pavers instead of natural stone conforms with the houses uniform demeanor. 

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