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outdoor fireplace

Westerville Backyard Retreat - $50,000

Tucked behind a wooded section of Westerville you can find a backyard space that will probably smell like firewood and sound like good company.  This client called Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch to upgrade their backyard space and we strongly believe they made the right decision.  The outdoor fireplace is constructed with Brussels Dimensional wallstone from Unilock and is finished with a limestone cap mantel the fireplace.  This fireplace is approximately 9 feet tall and is around $19,000 on its own.  Brussels Dimensional was also used for the seat wall, pillar, and steps leading to the back door.  Limestone was used to cap all of the Brussels Dimensional for the seat wall, pillar and steps.  The patio pavers used on this 526 square foot project were Mattoni by Unilock.            

Travertine Patio with Natural Stone Steps

Worthington Travertine Patio with Natural Stone Steps - $28,000

This client was looking for a small outdoor patio that could also connect to their backyard landscaping.  Walking out of the house you are surrounded by travertine pavers.  We have two color options for travertine pavers, noce and silver.  This client elected to go with noce which matched very well with the color of the house as well as the Canyon Tan Outcropping.  The Canyon Tan Outcropping are the large irregular stones around the travertine patio.  These outcropping are used as steps that lead to the backyard patio, as well as a retaining wall to hold the mulch bed in.   

landscaping backyard gazebo vs pergola

Dublin Pavilion with Raised Travertine Patio - $44,000

Few additions could be more inviting to a backyard patio than a Gazebo or a Pavilion.  This Dublin outdoor space catches your eye with the Pavilion, but when you get closer you can see that this client also made the right decision by selecting noce travertine pavers.  Our landscape professionals did a very nice job raising this backyard patio by utilizing Brussels Dimensional wall block.  Utilizing this paver wall block blended in well with all the other colors in the project and it allowed leveled the patio.  Because of our professional landscape designer and construction crews, this client can host company over, rain or shine.        

Pavilion Patio Pavers Wall Block

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Paver Patio

Dublin Paver Patio with Brussels Dimensional Wall - $42,000 

This backyard landscaping project does a great job of highlighting the seat walls.  Westport pavers is what was used in the main area of the patio.  We used natural stone steps to lead up to the patio.  Surrounding the patio is Brussels Dimensional wall block and pillars.  The seat wall is capped with Brussels Double Fullnose while the columns are capped with a natural stone cap.     

Patio Pavers Wall Block

Pillar Caps Seat Wall Coping

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Paver Patio with Seat Wall

430 Square Foot Northwest Columbus Paver Patio with Seat Wall - $31,000

This patio extension brings the backyard together.  We used Brussels Dimensional for the wall block, pillars and steps.  Holland Premier was used as a wall band, it is the black paver seen in the upper part of the walls and pillars.  Natural stone was used to cap the steps, pillars, and walls.  

Patio Pavers Wall Block Banding Coping

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stunning walkway

Oakfield Thin Walkway with Indiana Steps - $16,000

If you love natural stone landscaping then you will love this walkway and step project that was recently completed.  We used Indiana Steps and Oakfield Thin to create one stunning walkway from the driveway to the backyard.  Both the Indiana Steps and the Oakfield Thin are made of Limestone and are very durable.  This combination of natural stones can be used for your backyard landscaping as well!  

Stepping Stones Steps

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Fire Pit and Planters

Beacon Hill Paver Patio Removal and Install with Fire Pit and Planters - $34,000

This custom landscaping job is one of our favorites.  Not only did we install a gorgeous 600 square foot paver patio, our professional landscapers also installed a fire pit and two planters.  This Clintonville outdoor space is now ready for both fall bonfires and spring planting season!    

Patio Pavers Wall Block


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Retaining Wall with Natural Stone Steps

220 Face Foot Rustic Buff Beige Retaining Wall with Natural Stone Steps - $27,000

This retaining wall is made with natural stone from Ohio!  This retaining wall turned out incredible and the same material can be used for many other residential landscaping projects.  This type retaining wall can be seen in many parts of Columbus, Ohio.  Natural Stone walls with this color scheme are very common in Dublin, Upper Arlington and parts of Clintonville.    

Wall Stone

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