Umbriano 60mm Paver Installed

Installation of Umbriano paver for a paved walkway, paver patio, or roof top application. The patio installation processes we adhere to meet or exceed industry standards. Our patio installers will ensure that the base for the patio pavers will be placed on a minimum of 4 inches (after compaction) using #57 limestone aggregate. The crew will then use #9 Limestone aggregate as a leveling material that will be approximately 1 inch in depth to ensure your paver patio or walkway is sloped properly. The patio paver will be held in place as needed with durable paver edging and 10" spiral steel spikes. To finish your paver patio or walkway off, our patio installation crew uses only the best polymeric sand by Alliance. The Polybind G2 polymeric sand is available in tan, gray, or black. The sand will be swept into the joints of the pavers to complete the patio.

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Oxford Gray Polymeric Sand
Oxford Grey is universal color that can be used in many colors, this is a great option for French Grey, Winter Marvel or Grenada White. We finish off your paver patio with high quality G2 Polybind Sand.
Nevada Tan Polymeric Sand
Nevada Tan will make the joint lines appearance more subdued but still contrasting, this is a great option for Summer Heat. We use install the best G2 polymeric sand made by Polybind. 
Jet Black Polymeric Sand
Jet Black will make the joint lines in your paver patio pop, this is a great option for Grenada White, Midnight Sky, French Grey or Winter Marvel. We use only the best G2 polymeric sand made by Polybind.
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