The Perfect Patio Pavers

Unilock: Paving the Way to a Better Patio
May 12, 2023 by
The Perfect Patio Pavers
Zach Raymond

Why do we stock Unilock pavers?

    One thing we value above the rest when putting together a patio is lasting quality. To ensure the highest quality, we use Unilock pavers. With their patented paver technologies, Unilock pavers have better durability and longer-lasting colors. The range of colors that Unilock supplies allow you to create a truly unique patio. 

Different Styles

With over a hundred different types of pavers and wall stones supplied by Unilock, finding the perfect paver may seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why at our Mr. Mulch location, we keep in stock what we feel is the best variety for any project. If you are still unable to find something that fits your style, we offer a complimentary Unilock catalog with all of their products for special order.

Flagstone Paver

Beacon Hill Flagstone (Granite Fusion) 

Beacon Hill Flagstone is a paver that is sold by the layer. This set layer ensures you get the perfect pattern every time. Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in four different colors. Sierra, which contains a blend of light oranges and reds. River blend, which has a more delicate look with tans and yellows. Walnut is a blend of deep maroon for a cleaner, more consistent look. Lastly, granite fusion is the most consistent color containing an almost silver-like gray color. Beacon Hill Flagstone covers 11.66 sq ft per layer and 116.57 sq ft per bundle.


Unilock Camelot Pavers in cross section layout

Camelot Pavers

Camelot is an excellent paver on a budget, offered in rectangle and square, but we recommend using both in the cross pattern seen above. The colors provided here are sierra, river blend, and granite fusion. Unlike the Treo Premier and Beacon Hill Flagstone, the granite fusion is much darker in color. A bundle of Camelot Square is 92.4 sq ft, and each brick is .28 sq ft. The Camelot Rectangle is 98.96 sq ft per bundle, and each brick is .41 sq ft.

Unilock Holland premier and Hollandstone Patio Pavers

Hollandstone and Holland Premier

Hollandstone and Holland Premier are both .22 sq ft per brick, and each bundle has 118 sq ft. The colors for Hollandstone are charcoal, Rustic Red, Sierra, and River Blend. Holland Premier is a little more expensive but with better quality and longer-lasting colors. Unilock uses a two-step manufacturing process called EnduraColor. This process takes coarse aggregates, and vibrates them under several tons of pressure. Doing this creates a smoother, richer-colored surface that will last and never fade unlike other pavers you may find. In the picture above you can see how all the color has been pulled to the top of the brick. 

Concrete Paver Pillar made from Brussels Dimensional block pavers

Brussels Dimensional

Brussels Dimensional is an excellent wall stone to complement your patio. We offer it in; Sandstone, Limestone, Sierra, River Blend, and Charcoal. Each brick is .33 FcFt (Face Feet), and every bundle has 32 FcFt. It has excellent use as a wall or pillar and can even come as tapered. The tapered version is great for making fireplaces (it takes eight-teen bricks to make a complete circle).

Fire Pit made from Patio Paver blocks

Brussels Dimensional Tapered

This small tapered Paver is great for tight angles making it ideal for Fire Pits. With multiple different colors complimenting the Brussels Dimensional Paver, use the Small Tapered Brussel Dimensional Paver to create your own Fire Pit or contract us to install one for you!

Last but not Least
If you are still unable to find that perfect paver, remember we can always special order anything you may find from Unilock using the catalogue in store. If you are unsure what would compliment your home the best, try scheduling a consultation with our Outdoor Living Installation expert Contractor. They will provide expert suggestions to assist you in creating your dream patio that fits within your budget. 


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