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    by Jon Hollingsworth - 09:49 - 9 Apr 2022
  • I have ALL Lloyd Flanders at 20% off including the import and AMerican made, just so you all know.

    by Craig Schweitzer - 07:51 - 7 Apr 2022
  • Hey guys, the AR looks a bit out of control on OLS. Please collect all monies on people that have had product shipped. Also, the half down might not be a good idea on smaller ones. It looks like these ore shipped and not paid or to even need to extend credit on half a 3K order seems like it might be too much work if we cannot collect. Thoughts?

    by Craig Schweitzer - 11:26 - 14 Oct 2021
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    Holly will bring them out

    by Billy Parsley - 03:30 - 22 Jun 2021
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    table ships to SC 7/23

    by Jon Hollingsworth - 08:06 - 5 Jun 2021
  • Summer Classics 48" Teak Round table and 4 Croquet chairs


    We are loaning these to the Inman's until their Summer Classics order is delivered. This goes out on Wednesday. 


    by Jon Hollingsworth - 05:12 - 5 Jun 2021
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    Volpie left here at 4 am so he arrived at 6 am

    by Jon Hollingsworth - 10:45 - 2 Jun 2021
  • Berlin backordered items

    Just an FYI, 
    What did not come in on this order.
    2 Mayhew Stat. Adirondacks-Mark & Andrea Inman
    6 Mayhew Seat Cushions- Laura Santagata
    2 rectang. end tables- Mark Ebbeskotte
    Scheduling all complete orders for white glove as available.

    by Jon Hollingsworth - 09:57 - 2 Jun 2021
  • Commission Payments

    Based on the changing environment with delays, cancellations, and 50% deposits.  Starting with next week's payroll (last week's sales), commissions will be paid when product is paid in full.  So, that means 50% down payments will not be paid the commission until product is paid and shipped.  I will continue to modify as everyone seems to be in this environment.  I like the simple process we have, but it must change a bit now.  Thanks for understanding.


    by Craig Schweitzer - 06:56 - 24 May 2021
  • Installation

    Hey Jon, Pete, John and Billy,

    Just a reminder about installation, all leads must go into the website (either Install or Mr. Mulch site is fine).  Also, Jamie has been getting patio install leads and he is to turn them over to Andy.  It is simply too much for him at this point.  So, if you are handing him leads for hardscapes it isn't doing anyone any favors.  We are trying to train him so he can do them eventually, but it is too challenging with his current workload of mulch, river rock, sod, power washing & sealing, etc.  Ismael cannot get to patios effectively and that is who Jamie has for installs.  Please put leads into system via the proper channels and don't hand leads directly to Jamie.  Thanks all!

    by Craig Schweitzer - 04:30 - 19 May 2021
  • Pick & Shipped Products

    Please validate out if gone, I think there are some old ones.  Thanks guys!

    by Craig Schweitzer - 11:36 - 16 May 2021
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    Last week was a bit weak to say the least, first week in a while not hitting our numbers.  It was the 7th week of 19 that we fell short, so it happens.  No need to worry too much, I am open to ideas how to push sales.  Seems like lead time is biggest issue so I am open to ideas both short term and long term.  

    Billy: $24,694.19
    Jon: $6401.69
    Pete: $1457.64
    John: $0.00
    Team: $32,563.42 (goal was $60,000)

    Keep plugging away and working those quotes, this week will be better!!



    by Craig Schweitzer - 07:23 - 12 May 2021
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    Pete ($192,150.52)
    Week 15 $72,044.41*
    Week 16 $85,329.94*
    Week 17 $14,943.22
    Week 18 $19,832.95

    Holli ($126,611.37)
    Week 15 $28,346.27
    Week 16 $16,697.23
    Week 17 $35,851.39
    Week 18 $45,716.48*

    Billy ($131,151.31)
    Week 15 $33,561.92
    Week 16 $12,318.22
    Week 17 $43,978.57*
    Week 18 $41,292.60

    John ($15,418.13)
    Week 15 $6,586.98
    Week 16 $7,301.15
    Week 17 $1,530.00

    *=Weekly Sales Leader

    Week 15 $140,539.58
    Week 16 $121,646.54
    Week 17 $96,303.18
    Week 18 $106,842.03

    Week 15 - Week 18
    $521,016.78 Actual Sales
    $315,000.00 Sales Goal

    Week 1 - Week 18
    $935,166.06 Actual Sales
    $705,000.00 Sales Goal (projects sales of 1.8M)

    We are crushing it boys, keep it up.  Manage customer expectations, we don't need to piss people off.  Thank each and every one of you for doing such a great job, I do appreciate it!!


    by Craig Schweitzer - 09:46 - 6 May 2021
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    by Craig Schweitzer - 09:35 - 6 May 2021
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    Guys, sorry for not updating you the past few weeks.  Here is the update as to where we are in sales...  GREAT JOB!!

    by Craig Schweitzer - 09:34 - 6 May 2021
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    Last week was amazin!!!135K plus is nuts.  Peter led the way with 72K, Billy had a strong restart with 33K, Holli with 29K, and JR with 1K.  Stupid amazing...keep it up if you can boys.  Many thanks to an incredibly successful week!!

    by Craig Schweitzer - 04:20 - 14 Apr 2021
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    Let's meet Friday morning before or after the 9AM meeting with Ed.  Basically, there is some confusion with pricing and I think if all of us are there and I communicate it, then it will be clear.  Basically, what you can sell off the floor and at what price.  Things are leaving that should not and prices are being discounted when it should not be.  We need to get on the same page.  Commissions will not be paid on floor models sold that I say not to sell.  Also, if discounts are given that are not authorized then percentages will be adjusted accordingly.
    We are doing great, keep it up. But, this issue is becoming an issue.
    Thanks all!

    by Craig Schweitzer - 03:34 - 14 Apr 2021
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    Ed Hatton will be here this Friday at 9 am to review Lloyd Flanders with us. Ed asked for us to write down any questions so we can make this as productive as possible.

    by Jon Hollingsworth - 12:39 - 13 Apr 2021
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    $465,834.23 YTD vs $450,000.00 budget.  Holli takes over the leader board with $186,596.23 to Pete's $186,037.05...just by a whisker!  John is making his rounds in the European League for the next two months...

    by Craig Schweitzer - 02:12 - 5 Apr 2021
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    Ignore this.  I got an individual email

    by John Schweitzer - 10:19 - 29 Mar 2021
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