Seasonal Planting Service

Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Garden All Year Round with Our Seasonal Planting Service

You want your landscape to look its best throughout the year, right? Seasonal planting and maintenance may look like a simple task, but there’s a lot of planning and work involved like:

  • Researching the right kinds of plants for each season
  • Knowing what varieties are available in your local market
  • Understanding which plants complement your landscape
  • Preparing the soil for seasonal planting 
  • Having enough time and tools available

We want to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden all year round. Let us make sure your landscape has adequate pops of color with blooming flowers and plants for each season. We can create an eye-catching landscape design and ensure proper plant installation, so you can enjoy a flourishing, colorful, and healthy yard.

Why Should I Use Seasonal Planting Services from Outdoor Living?

Using a professional planting service can do much more than you may realize. As Ohio’s top luxury landscaping company, we do everything possible to maintain your yard and keep it healthy. We select plants best suited for our region to maximize optimal growth. Our expertise and knowledge of soil content, Ohio’s climate, and your specific landscape design needs can help the plants in your garden last longer and thrive. 

For each season, we find that perfect balance between nature and man-made structures for your landscape. We focus on the details and check the suitability of your soil, its pH, and composition so your new plants and flowers develop properly. Plus, we perform regular inspections to ensure your garden grows strong and healthy. With our services, you can maintain the beauty of your property and enjoy the colors, greenery, and aesthetics of your outdoor space throughout the year.

Our team is equipped in all aspects of seasonal gardening, including:

  • Replacement and installation of plants according to the season
  • Ongoing cleanup and maintenance of your landscape
  • Edging to enhance the appearance of your yard
  • Prepare your landscape for the changing seasons
  • Weed prevention and removal
  • High-quality mulch spreading in garden areas
  • Pruning of decorative shrubs and trees
  • Deadheading flowering shrubs and perennials as needed
  • Removal of damaged or dead branches

Which is the Best Season for Planting?

It depends on what you want to grow in your garden. In Ohio, annuals like Marigolds and Petunias and Perennials like Hostas and Sedum are perfect for summer and spring planting. In the fall season, you can go for Sweet Alyssum, Black-eyed Susan, Helenium, Shrub Rose, Beauty Berry, Asters, and many other varieties. For your garden, we carefully select plants and flowers that are suitable for each season to take your front or backyard to the next level.

Get in touch with us to schedule your seasonal planting and enjoy a lovely garden throughout the year!