Pergolas and Pavilions

If you need a little extra shade in your backyard or want a covered area to spend time outdoors, consider installing a pergola or pavilion. These structures have been popular landscaping features for hundreds of years. They can beautifully enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living spaces and gardens while providing valuable shelter from the elements. Our team at Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch can help you find the perfect pergola or pavilion to heighten your enjoyment of the outdoors and make your property pop!

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What Are the Differences Between Pergolas and Pavilions?

Pergolas are structures with four posts and a lattice rooftop. They are most often built with wood and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Pergolas are very versatile structures. You can install a small pergola over a walkway or fence to add an element of refinement, or you can build a large one to cover a patio or deck. Often, homeowners with pergolas will plant flowering vines around the base. Once grown, these vines provide shade and help the structure blend in beautifully with the natural elements around it.

Pavilions are typically larger than pergolas and feature full, house-like roofs. These are excellent for providing shade and shelter from the rain and snow. Although pavilions can be free-standing, they are generally constructed over patios or decks. Because of their large size, pavilions are excellent places to host guests. Many homeowners with pavilions incorporate comfortable seating, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces or fire pits into the design.

Should I Install a Pergola or Pavilion?

The choice between these two structures depends entirely on your style and personal goals. For a more natural-looking, elegant addition to your landscape design, we would recommend a pergola. Pergolas can be used for a variety of purposes and add a unique, natural aesthetic to your property. The downfall to pergolas, however, is their open lattice roof. If you want total protection from the rain and sun, a pergola is not for you.

Pavilions are excellent for those who want to incorporate other hardscape elements into their outdoor spaces, like outdoor kitchens. Although we can place kitchens and fireplaces beneath pergolas as well, pavilions provide total protection from the elements during gatherings and dinner parties. The placement, style, and size of your structure will depend on your yard’s overall design and available space. Whether you want a pergola or a pavilion, we will work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to ensure your final product is exactly how you want it.

Can I Install a Pergola or Pavilion Myself?

Pergolas and pavilions are extensive undertakings and require professional help to install. Even small structures must be carefully planned to avoid busting utility lines and breaking local building codes. Our professional team will take care of every part of the installation – from start to finish – so you can sit back and enjoy your final product.

To learn more about pergolas and pavilions and how we can incorporate these structures into your property’s design, please give us a call at 614-407-0847. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or schedule a consultation.