Mulching and More

In addition to planting trees and shrubs and installing hardscape features, there are a variety of smaller things we can do to make your yard brighter and healthier. By adding garden mulch, river rock, and topsoil to various places around your property, we can improve your yard’s soil quality, drainage and help your landscaping pop! Our team of professional landscapers will evaluate your needs and help you decide which elements would benefit your home and gardens.

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What Are the Benefits of Garden Mulch?

Placing garden mulch around your home is an inexpensive way to improve the well-being and aesthetics of your yard and gardens. Mulch is most often used to suppress pests and weeds, to regulate the temperature of the soil, and to help retain moisture. Garden mulch is especially helpful here in Ohio, as it can keep the roots of your plants from freezing in the winter.

Over time, mulch will begin to biodegrade and break down into the topsoil. As this happens, your mulch will add useful nutrients to the soil and help future plant life to thrive. In addition to these practical functions, mulch can also improve the aesthetics of your flower beds, pathways, and gardens. We recommend adding new mulch every year to keep your landscape looking fresh and to replace the mulch that has begun to decay.

How Can I Incorporate River Rock into My Landscaping?

River rock is an excellent way to add a sense of refinement to your landscaping. It can be incorporated into flower beds and be used to build pathways and driveways. River rock is a long-lasting material that requires very little maintenance. Even after years of exposure to the elements, it will continue to look just as beautiful and natural as it did on day one.

Because it is long-lasting and can withstand massive amounts of pressure, we often use river rock to build pathways and driveways. Another benefit to using river rock is that this material allows rainwater to seep through it and dissolve into the soil. Over time, this will significantly reduce rainwater runoff and help prevent erosion.

What Are the Uses of Topsoil?

Topsoil is one of the most useful and versatile materials we use in landscaping. We can use topsoil to improve the quality of your soil, to level-out uneven stretches of land, to build new flowerbeds and gardens, and to help drainage. There are numerous types of topsoil to choose from, all with a variety of benefits and uses. Our team here at Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch can take samples of your property’s natural soil to help you find the right topsoil for your needs. Whether you need to fix a patch of uneven lawn, want to plant an ornamental shrub, or need to correct your property’s drainage, we are here to help!

To learn more about our garden mulch, river rock, and topsoil options, please call our office at 614-407-0847. We would be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.