Landscaping is an essential part of a home’s design. Incorporating a variety of plants and structures into your yard can expand your living space, enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors, and make your property more beautiful. Even the smallest amount of landscaping can significantly improve the aesthetic of your home. At Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch, we can incorporate hardscape and softscape features into your yard’s design to create a gorgeous outdoor living space for you and your family!

What Are the Different Types of Landscaping?

As a general rule, there are two main types of landscaping: hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping incorporates any artificial or man-made landscaping element such as:

  •   Decks
  •   Patios
  •   Water features
  •   Outdoor kitchens
  •   Fire pits
  •   Stone walls
  •   Fences
  •   Outdoor lighting

Softscaping, on the other hand, has everything to do with the living, growing things on your property like:

  •   Trees
  •   Shrubs
  •   Flowers
  •   Bushes
  •   Grass

Finding the right balance between these two elements is the key to good landscaping.

Why Is Incorporating Plants into My Yard Important?

As cities grow, property sizes shrink or become more expensive. New homeowners may find that they do not have enough room to add all of the landscape elements they would like. To save space, many homeowners might choose to fill their lawn with hardscaping features such as decks, kitchens, swimming pools, and pavilions. Unfortunately, having too many artificial elements in your yard can make your outdoor living spaces seem cold and unwelcoming. To make your home as bright and inviting as possible, it is essential to find the right balance between artificial and natural.

Adding plants such as small trees, bushes, shrubs, and ornamental grasses can soften the hardscape elements in your yard and make your property more appealing. Planting the right sod or grass seed can also make your lawn appear lush and vibrant for longer in the year. We can also incorporate garden mulch, river rock, and topsoil to improve the quality of your soil and make your flowerbeds pop.

Starting this process may seem daunting, but don’t worry! We can help you understand which plants will work best with your landscape design and style. We can even combine budding shrubs, color-changing vines, and evergreen trees for colors that will look beautiful in every season! By strategically placing plants around your property, we can soften the sharp-edges of your artificial structures while adding a colorful, natural aesthetic. 

What Landscape Services Do You Offer?

At Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch, we can help you create the perfect yard for your home! Because we are committed to providing the best, we take care of everything – from designing the layout of your landscape to planting and installing the desired features. We can also help you rejuvenate overgrown or unkempt plant life to maintain a gorgeous aesthetic. We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the final product is perfect.

We are proud to offer a wide range of landscaping services such as:

  •   Landscape design
  •   Installations
  •   Hardscaping
  •   Planting
  •   And much more

Our professional team of landscapers will help you find the perfect balance between natural and artificial elements to make your property more attractive and enhance your value and curb appeal. To learn more about our landscaping services, please call our office at 614-407-0847 to schedule a consultation.